Thursday, September 20, 2007

New study tracks Mars, Venus entrepreneurs

man-woman-entrepreneursWith this study [Are Male and Female Entrepreneurs Really That Different? Written by Erin Kepler and Scott Shane, professor of entrepreneurial studies at Case Western Reserve University]on male and female entrepreneurs, you can safely come to this conclusion that an entrepreneur's gender alone can not determine its fortune -- when other external and internal factors remain the same.

Highlights from the study:


1.The educational backgrounds of male and female entrepreneurs were similar.

However, the study found that there are some variances do exist between the genders on factors like reasons for starting a business, opportunities sought, motivations, differing expectations and types of businesses.


1. Men had more business experience prior to opening the business and higher expectations. (The study does not give away any detail on what circumstances women take up business?)

2. Women entrepreneurs had a larger average household size.

3. Female owners were more likely to prefer low risk/return businesses.
(Safety is better than prosperity??)

4. Men spent slightly more time on their new ventures than women.
(Because men are anti social dogs??)

5. Male owners were more likely to start a business to make money, had higher expectations for
their business, and did more research to identify business opportunities.

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