Friday, September 21, 2007

Microsoft, Intuit and Dell announce tech tools for small business owners

Following the US Fed cut, Microsoft, Intuit and Dell have almost together unveiled series of technology resources for small business owners. Microsft's Money Plus 2008 and Intuit's Quicken both will “simplify money management by making some features accessible even if you don't launch the full application,” writes PCWorld.

The packages are not entirely new—only have been refreshed. Comparisons between them have already begun. Broadly both of them include just about all the required financial tools. Priced at $80-$100, available at good discount.

Dell on the other hand, has announced an online product recovery and recycling service which will enable small-business owners easily manage, return, and track unwanted assets. (what it means, recycle and dispose old comp stuff and buy new...that's bottom line...per item starts at $25)


Companies with less than 10 pieces of computer equipment can now contact their sales representative to request a personal asset recovery number and, for as little as $25 per item, use it to return equipment they no longer need. Dell will then provide the company with a comprehensive report of how a functional system's data was cleansed and how the system or item was recycled.

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