Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are you studying the competition in unfair way?

Now that your product and/or service is ready, you must be thinking of improving your marketing. Before you go bang bang, it's important to study the competitors more minutely (assuming that you know and somewhat understand what your competitors are actually up to).

Visit their websites and sign up for whatever free offers like whitepapers, ezines, newsletters, podcasting they are dishing out. Call in their office acting as client and ask for project or service specific marketing collaterals (case studies, brochures, marketing kit etc). You will be able to clearly (and surprisingly too) apprehend how much they have deviated from their so called "vision and mission statement" published on their website front. You will realize the way competition is shaping up and how they are positioned for short and longer term objectives. You will also be able to evaluate (like or dislike) their approach. You'd know exactly what you ought to do and what NOT. And you know better, how you can do it better than them.

Another secret approach for marketing ideas would be studying similar companies (not directly your competitors) that cater to other industries.

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