Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Delay sending email to wrong addresses (and save embarrassment)

We all work hard and take really good care to build our image in our respective business sphere and outside. And then there come some moments, when we (and our friends and their colleagues and their neighbors) destroy whatever goodwill we earn over the years in seconds. Yes, I know 'email+drinking' doesn't go defer-emailtogether. Being human I always feel the urge of sending most important mails to my clients when I am six glass old. And when I realize what mail actually I sent to whom, I look for rabbit's house to hide my head.

My friend once wrote a repulsive mail about how he is pissed of with one of his clients, who is so demanding, who never okays a project without altering ins and outs of the project at least half a dozen times. Instead of sending the mail to his friend, my friend sends it to the client himself. The rest is history.

Now as an Outlook user, I have set a rule that will defer all my outgoing emails by number of minutes (or hours). So that even if you regret seconds after sending something wrong, you have an option to save your face...and your business.

Gmail, are you listening?

Steps are explained here in detail

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