Thursday, June 07, 2007

Philips reveals three new webcams - SPC620, SPC1000 and SPC1300 at Computex

You must have noticed how the ‘look’ of different Hollywood flicks differ from each other. If 300 is rustic and black, how Shrek the third is all about bright and ping pong colors. With Philips’ new webcam range--the SPC620, SPC1000 and SPC1300 you also can customize the tonal look of your video chat. Philips makes it sure that the person sitting across the chat-counter finds an 'enhanced and superior' version of ‘you’. You also can add your personal logo or emotion (depending upon the strategy that you have devised about your perception..hehe) and attract those innocents and the wickeds along the magnetic power (a la Axe effect). ...because you are strengthened by features like face tracking technology. Whoops. Add to that wide angle lenses which gives the receiver a larger than life size image of yours.

The webcams are compatible with desktops, laptops and Vista compatibility.

The SPC620 is available at US$67. It features a VGA CMOS sensor with built-in interpolation for good quality video and photo reproduction for video calling and v-mails.

The SPC1300 is available at US$135. Features a built-in directional microphone with a noise reduction filter and advanced sensor gives a video resolution of up to two megapixels.

SPC1000 is available at US $67.44. Features Pixel Plus 2 technology and six megapixel still images.

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