Thursday, June 07, 2007

Movable footrest will take your legs places

Now under your desk your pair of legs can have more fun. You can move form left to right, up and down with ecstasy and thrill. Surely the management will have no qualms over you using the stuff. I am talking about this new footrest from webble. Sorry to make you disappoint. But ask your feet, they are not.

A nice innocent soft footrest with embedded wheels beneath, takes your feet possibly to every corner under your desk provided you are a good sailor and knows the tricks of the game, that is about how to explore each and every inch with smoothest effect, in pure silence. The moans and groans will surely arise when you hit the corner with wrong (or possibly right) note.

Gizmodo asks whether next we are going to experience a desk-mounted treadmill at the later stage. Don’t know about treadmills, but if office management allows footrest like this for duet know what I mean...a lot can happen...I mean, broadly, management may see attrition level comes down than previous year.

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