Monday, May 28, 2007

BusinessWeek to launch Business YouTube (a la The Apprentice online)

After super successful Digg, dozens of niche social new sharing sites exclusively for college goers, housewives etc are formed. Even Netscape homepage is now a Digg like ‘rate content’ stuff. John Byrne, magazine's editor in a creative but akin to Donald Trump style (hopefully less gross) is planning to create a ‘business YouTube.’ The premise is, youngsters who want to be famous with their ‘secret’ and unique business plan will upload their video so that you and I and all the crowd can rate them and vote to make them win $500,000 in venture capital funding.

This new project will help BusinessWeek in two ways. First, Non business magazine readers will visit the site (this is one of the powers of web2.0, even established high-end business brand does not mind to dilute its niche to grow in another niche, its true with Digg also, it’s no more a community based website with special emphasis on technology and science, but then there lies a difference, Digg experienced user demand that made it to go for the extensions, with BusinessWeek, the extension will (hopefully) bring in users) and second advantage, existing BusinessWeek users will re-visit the site more. Hmm...who does not want to find out that elusive and easiest magical business mantra (before others in the market lap up and) become the first mover and creates a world wide franchisee and...

We are waiting for the wannabe business moguls to come and conquer us...err...the angel investors, that is.

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