Sunday, June 24, 2007

Microsoft releases wireless 7000 Series Desktop Unit

Well, after analyzing the complicated press release I have realized that, thanks to this much much easier wireless freedom keyboard, you can sit/lie back on your sofa/bed and click up to 30 feet away from your comp. Microsoft has released Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000, a combo that takes on its winning Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 with the Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. Priced reasonably at $149.95 Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 will be available from July.

What it simply means
, this wireless keyboard and mouse combination will make your (life and) desk comfortable, clutter free and organized.

This innovation is probably a boon for users who spend a lot of time in front of comp in office or at home (Microsoft research states that on an average a person spends six hours each day on computer) and for surfers who are suffering from random cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms (that’s what the press release says, I didn’t know this before, so searched and realized that its kind of arthritis, OMG, thanks MS for letting me enlightened, I’m sure your new products will enlighten us more, more info on carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms here.)

The keys on keyboard are seated in the tilted fashion and covered in a black and silver finish. The mouse runs on battery, which has life of six months, there is a red light button on top of it which lets you know when the battery is going down.

Via Engadget

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