Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pen that catches fish

When the rains wait at the edging sky, when all beetle nut trees bow you all symmetrically because the western breeze is asking them to do so and while you are passing by a lake or fishery, can you restrict yourself from not fishing? Even if you are not equipped with all the rudimentary fishing instruments you can rely on this pen.

So, go straight to the stairs/edge of the pond, sit like a monk, trust and thank those people who have come up with a idea like this where a fishing rod neatly hidden in a pen. No, nope, don’t relate yourself to James Bond, whose one of favorite weapons were pen shaped pocked bomb. The Fishpen, manufactured by outdoor gear company, is only threat to the fishes, provided you use the tool in a right way.

Ideal for bohemians who don’t plan fishing trip.

For non-outdoor goers also it would work. Try it with your friend’s/relatives’/boss’ aquarium and poach the best loving fish to your shelter.

If you get caught, don’t refer my name. Or else act as kleptomaniac.

Source: Gizmodo


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