Monday, April 05, 2010

How to impress a girl in 6 simple steps

How to impress girls women
How to impress a girl, a woman? From boys to guys, the question will always haunt them, if they don’t strategise it all right. I saw many guys instead of impressing, actually make girls irritated and thus make the relationship door close for ever. Add to this the sad factor, when the same guy finds out that the same girl or woman is dating someone who is not as good looking as him, not as intelligent as him, not as ‘deep’ as him. So, what is that, when my friend could not score with a girl, an inferior, less cool guy gets her and enjoys spending quality time with her.

Here, I have laid down six simple but amazingly effective steps which will not only make you impress the girl of your choice, but it will also make them crave about you.

1. Be honest: Lets face this straight, girls do not get impressed by fake smartness. And guys, to act smart make them laughable. To put it simply, do not act to be someone else. Stick to your own personality.

2. A broad smile: Even if you want to impress and dying to talk to her, you don’t smile and act dumb. Remember, smile is not just a smile, it’s a communication device. If you smile right, she will get to know that you don’t dislike her.A stepping stone for next level.

3. Healthy conversation: Strike a conversation. More than sports and celebrity also have some knowledge about current affairs. Do not get into mono dialogue when you speak endlessly while making her a silent listener. Try to get her attention with your conversation. See, if she shows interest in you. Know about latest fashion, music, social stuff etc. Try to know what are her interests?

4. Be well groomed: I haven’t washed my socks for ages, I take bath only oncea week. Sentences like these may add a humour to the conversation, but believe me it will not take you far. You are not a Hollywood celebrity, what works for Brad Pitt won’t work for you.

5. Be friends with everyone: While impressing her, you also should let her know that you are a person who everyone listens to. Strike conversations with your friends or her friends while she is around. She will certainly like the fact that you are cool with everyone.

6. Make her feel comfortable: I am not saying be a slave. I also do not recommend you open the door of your car for her or drag a chair for her in the restaurant. It looks too filmy. The waiter will do that for you. Find out what are other ways you can be chivalrous. Respect her for what she is, Never show doubts about her friends or relatives and don’t put them in bad light.

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