Monday, April 05, 2010

How to attract a girl or woman in 6 easy steps?

How to impress attract a girl woman

Ok, how to attract a girl or woman, sounds like a tough question for many men around but believe me its not super difficult. There is a saying in Ireland that, more people die of overeating than starvation. Similarly, rather than effectively impressing men commit fatal mistakes while attracting a girl or woman. The 6 steps mentioned here can make you a winner, not with one but many a girls or women, provided, you follow them.

1. Don’t try hard to impress: Yes, that’s the most important aspect of attracting a girl or woman. Well, you may be wondering, how can it be possible? I mean you are reading "how to impress a girl" and here I am saying don’t try hard to impress her. Well, when most of the guys are doing the same thing, it pays to be different. And believe me you will look more authentic by not trying to “impress” her like all those counterfeited guys. Just be yourself and let things happen automatically.

2. Your talent scores over others: Are you an ace swimmer? A stand up comedian, a singer or knows playing any musical instrument? You have a better chance of winning a super lady than other average guys. Of course, some girls are impressed by rich brats, hard luck to you and good luck to them, because they are not anyway actually loving that rich person per se, its just about their money. Girls also like to be with intelligent men, so if you are a mathematic or software genius, you need not have to sing or dance or make people laugh at school/college/office annual event.

3. Do not be too serious about yourself: It is not advisable you take yourself too seriously. Have some kind of sense of humour, should have some jokes in your arsenal which does not make you look like a champion. Believe me it will help. If you poke fun at yourself, it would look healthy anyway, have good laugh at yourself, make her laugh too in the bargain.

4. Be sensitive: Be sensitive towards her, her profession, career, education, the place she has come from or the school or college she has studied in. Don’t crack jokes on these, because these are the areas she probably holds pretty close to her heart.

5. Be thoughtful: Don’t just shoot words after words. Try to understand her, realise what she tries to mean when she says something, think what should be the reasons she reacted in a particular way when you touched a topic. Be a good listener.

6. Overall, have a great attitude: Don’t be a crying soul or all negative towards life. Don’t be a nagging uncle. Don’t blame others and go on and on and on. These things would irritate anyone and she is not any exception.

If you are really serious about getting your girl or woman, you have to be tactful, patient and have to really work strategically to win her. I am not saying you completely change yourself for her, but certainly you have to be restrained while letting your emotion go.

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