Monday, April 27, 2009

Taller room: How to make your room appear taller

taller room

Find one basic fabric that you like and build the room around it. Whether it is plain, floral, striped or solid, make it the foundation fabric for the room.

Unless the patterns are muted and subtle, try not to use more than three patterns in a room. Otherwise, the effect will be one of chaos rather than balance. Vary the style of the patterns. Try a floral, stripes, checks, or geometric pattern. Choose stripes to add height or width to a furniture piece or the room.

Don't cluster the patterns in one area of the room. Spread them out in at least three different areas to give visual balance to the room.

Unite the patterns with a common colour. If your foundation fabric is red, all of the patterns should be having the same red as the prominent colour

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