Monday, April 27, 2009

Kitchen layout: Simple design lay out tips

kitchen layout cabinet layout designer planning
Consider the kitchen layout that fits the space. Usually, there are three possible layouts – U-shaped, L-shaped, and the corridor kitchen A U-shaped kitchen surrounds you on all sides with storage, countertops and appliances, saving many steps. If the 'U' is big enough, you can add an island workstation in the middle
The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen layouts.

Its work triangle is uninterrupted by traffic. It has lots of space for appliances. Plus, by lengthening one leg of the 'L', it offers even more storage and counter space.

The corridor kitchen is the most effective one because you can move around the entire kitchen in just a few steps. Counter space and storage are limited, however, and people walking through can get in the way of cooking.

Once you decide on the layout, you will also need to think about who uses your kitchen and how it is used. For instance, if two of you prepare meals together, you will want a food preparation center space large enough for both people at the same time.

Sometimes, the simplest of things cause the biggest problems. Some tasks can be done more effectively on a higher worktop, and some are easier done on a lower worktop, for instance. The kitchen should be accordingly designed, for both comfort and utility. The ideal worktop height is 92 cm. Ergonomically, more difficult areas such as the cooking center, should be 13 cm lower

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