Thursday, April 23, 2009

The flab becomes fab

Everyone likes to tune into happy endings. And who better than Star Plus to vouch for that. Popular characters have been resurrected and revived in its serials if only to appease audience sentiments. So on the one hand if there have been instances of dead men walking, there are also cases of frogs who are actually princesses-incover awaiting the magical kiss.
And now it is the turn of Nikki of Dekho Magar Pyaar Se on Star Plus to metamorphose into a stunner. Here she was roly-poly Nikki, always the butt of all jokes as everyone took nasty digs at her portly frame. In this day of proliferating beauty contests and figure-defying vital statistics, Nikki was a gross misfit. So she is ridiculed, laughed at, and her boyfriend cheats her.
But she is made of sterner stuff. While everyone comes to terms with her tragic death, the truth is that Nikki is on a come-back mode. She knocks off those extra pounds, acquires a dress sense, and then plans, plots, and plays her moves.
In her slimmer and decidedly more attractive avatar, she is also fiercely determined to get even with the world that tormented her.
Was this transformation really needed? “It is not so much her becoming slimmer as much it is her new-found sense of purpose that we wish to project,” says Deepak Segal, Executive Vice President, Content, STAR India. Nikki’s image makeover, says Segal, should not be viewed through the prism of vanity and superficiality. That the serial has touched a chord with the viewers, many of whom have their own physical crosses to bear, is evident from the deluge of mail that Star Plus receives everyday. Some have passionately declared their love for her, many want her as their life partner.
Anusha Parekh of Chembur says Nikki’s story is one she and her friends can easily identify with. Seeing her determination to hit back “is what gives hope to so many of us out there.”
Tonight at eight as the all-new Nikki is unveiled on Star Plus, she is sure to have eager viewers completely clued in to her story.

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