Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tile care: Maintenance and cleaning of ceramic tiles floor tiles, tips

ceramic tiles floor tiles cleaning maintaining wall tiles tips
Cleaning and maintaining tiles will retain their sheen and make them look good for long

If a tile gets chipped, you can use a good epoxy glue product to repair the area. However, if you want a better look then just replace the entire tile.

Cracks in tiling can also occur because of the cracked concrete flooring below the tiles. So in case you find tiles cracking, then check for cracks on the concrete floor below and get it fixed before you replace the tiles
Many tiles tend to stain easily. Wipe the stains immediately. Then clean with a mild detergent or floor washing liquid

Avoid using steel wool pads and harsh cleaning products on ceramic tiles. This will cause them to lose their lustre

Only glazed tiles are resistant to oils and acids. Take care with other types of tiles, as they will get stained easily

Tiles in the bathroom will have a build up of hard water stains, oils and soap. Use a commercial cleaner or a solution of equal parts of water and white vinegar to clean them
In case there are stains in the shower or bathroom, use chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Or else, apply a powder or liquid containing a bleaching agent, and leave it for four to six hours before scrubbing and rinsing thoroughly

Do not combine household bleaches and ammonia to apply on tiles as it will damage them

Marble tends to get stained and scratched very easily so extra care has to be taken. Oil should never be used on it as it will discolour the stone

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