Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Moving? How to make moviing house, company, city easy...7 tips

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Here are a few tips to help you shift into a new house without much trouble

1. Make a list: Before you pack even one box, plan a simple record-keeping system. Number each box, and make a list of the box contents in a notebook. Be specific in your descriptions.

2. Have enough: Get many more boxes than you think you'll need.

3. Place things together: Insist on keeping things together when you are packing boxes. Keep bookends with books, light bulbs with lamps, extension cords with appliances.

4. Pack ahead: Anything you can pack ahead will save you time on moving day. Box up your shampoo and extra toothpaste, and live out of a travel cosmetic case for the last day or two.

5. Bare essentials: Cut down cooking utensils and food supplies to bare essentials. Wastebaskets can also be packed while you switch to using bags.

6. Safeguard valued items:
Keep important papers with you including birth certificates, school records, utility company numbers, recent bank records, current bills, phone lists, closing papers and so on.

7. Safe packaging: Wrap small home electronics equipment in plenty of foam padding, pack them in a box and load it on top of a soft item, such as a sofa. Pack books flat so that the spines won't break and don't jam them in tightly. Never pack fragile items with books.

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Lovephileo Magno said...

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