Friday, March 20, 2009

Make your furniture last and retain beauty from an interior designing perspective

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Furniture forms an integral part of the decor scheme of your home, but you need to maintain it and take good care of it. Since the rains have just made an entry into the city, this is the best time to get your furniture revamped. To begin with, the widely used wood furniture needs to be nurtured at the least, be it any season. Regular melamine polishing is the solution to the problems faced by wood furniture. It acts as a waterresistant tool during rains.

Humidity too does not fall harsh on wood furniture if it is polished with melamine. One must be careful, if the furniture has a French polish coat. Humidity as well as the rains will spoil it in extreme conditions. Wood and leather furnishings are prone to insects and need to be taken care of.

Talking about stainless steel, one must not worry at all as it is maintenance-free. But a few words of caution; while making or buying steel furniture - make sure that the steel is of 304 grade and not below it. Stainless steel below 304-quality grade is bound to get a rusty look in a few months of purchase. Regular cleaning can keep the dust and rust away.

Those who are fond of wrought iron and brass furniture must treat it with red oxide for a longer life. The joints of tables and chairs need to be painted with red oxide to avoid corrosion.

Artistic cane furniture, which gives a casual and cosy look to the living room and garden, is not to be exposed to rains. Once water catches hold of it, it turns black in colour and develops a fungus. Melamine finishing will keep it protected in other seasons.

A little care and effort towards your furniture will definitely help it last for years together.

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