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How to choose office furniture

office furniture

Your office furniture selection depends on your budget, volume of people visiting and working, floor plan and utility. What kind of furniture is most appropriate for your needs? How can you choose chairs, desks, work stations for maximum benefit? One key idea is: focus on gaining productivity, enhancing your firm's image and good utility within a budget.

Bear in mind ergonomic designs in not only the appearance but the height of the chair, adjustability, height of the desk, storage space, and material of the furniture. Many chairs are 'copies' of ergonomic designs but are so only in appearance and lack the sturdiness and design elements of original ergonomics. You need to ensure you have the right product.
Reception areas

How much seating you provide for your reception depends upon the size of the space and number of your office visitors. If you have an office of say 30-35 people and 12 visitors daily, take an optimum number of say 10 seats with an attractive layout for your reception desk. You can then select appropriate furniture. But what makes it 'appropriate?'

There is no perfect design but a workable and aesthetic one. Seating of wood or aluminium frames with upholstery is an option. Another trick is not to create a reception area which is 'too comfortable' or people will linger too long. Cushioning which is 'too soft' may be avoided. Moderate upholstery avoiding floral patterns is best.

You can design the seating for over three people or even five in one unit incorporating into it a magazine rack and a side table.

Your choice of a reception design concept can be from millions of ideas. For a cool and professional look, use marble, metal and colours such as grey, bright blue and white. If you wish to be trendy, you can provide extruded furniture for seating guests and a neatly bright reception desk with well chosen abstract paintings and suspended ceilings. And focused lighting without dark corners.

Your workstation design will lead to happy employees who are comfortable and you may choose either wood or metal frame furniture with storage and filing cabinets. You can design four desks two facing the other two into one module or a whole row of workstations against the wall. The deciding factor is the floor plan and placement for maximising natural light from windows, if any.

Ergonomic furniture is ideal. These are expensive and many 'copies' of these are available which look the same but lack the design curves and adjustments for a firm back support. Such 'copies' may be avoided as they lack quality. Strong chairs with adjustable heights and keyboards which can be manipulated for height are best.

The colours of the furniture should not be loud. Mild hues of blue, brown or black are interesting. If you are making a fashion statement, use purple or violet.

Furniture will need regular cleaning and maintenance, and you should keep it in mind while opting for light colours.

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