Friday, March 20, 2009

How to maintain outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture maintenance

Use of fabric like cushions should be to the minimum as these get faded when exposed even to indirect sunlight and humidity ruins them because of fungus formation Paint chip offs in wrought iron are common. One can clean it and apply a fresh coat of paint once every year to retain the life of the furniture As far as possible use stone artifacts and decor items.

Avoid using wood, papier mache or any copper items as these react with the atmosphere Treat your iron content furniture with anti-rust once just before the monsoon sets in. This will also prevent it from decolourisation Furniture in the garden needs special protection. Scrap off the moss as soon as it is formed to avoid damage Wipe wet surfaces with a dry cloth, carefully protecting the paint Moulded furniture can be easily washed with soap and dried naturally. However, take care not to place heavy weights on them as they may lose their alignment and will eventually break

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