Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Cofee table enhance the decor and ambiance

brass, bronze, pewter and copper
stained glass

colored glass
cut glass room ambiance decor

The artifacts to be used on the coffee table can be in a variety of materials. Whatever is used should complement the surrounding decor and enhance the ambiance. A very popular choice is glass in its various forms like crystal, cut glass, coloured glass and stained glass. Since tabletops are often made of glass, these decor objects match the base on which they are placed. Metals such as brass, bronze, pewter and copper are often added for an ethnic look. Pieces with carving, etching, filigree work and embossing against a backdrop of silks and period furniture have a special old world charm. Stone and wood can be used to fashion many exquisite objects like statues, boxes, bowls, paperweights, picture frames etc that can beautify a space. Very often the tabletop is made from stained or etched glass or a carved wooden panel with intricate inlay work. At such times crowding the area with too many decor items distracts from the beauty of both the table and the pieces themselves.

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