Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cofee Table: How to choose coffee table with care

coffee table with care

Choose Coffee Table carefully

Since the coffee table is usually situated in the center of the living room it attracts immediate attention while entering a home. Just as a bare table can be monotonous, an overly crowded one can be too busy and unappealing.
Some basic factors to avoid confusion and preserve aesthetic appeal:

Dimension: The dimension of the table, room and overall volume of the space dictates the size of the artifacts that will suit the coffee table. Oversize statues are an example of not adhering to proportion between the items that form the ambience in a room.

Colour: This is a two dimensional tool that creates a suitable statement in a space. The decor items on the coffee table can be either of muted hues if meant to blend with the theme or in sharp contrast if focus is required. Too many colours on the surface will be distracting. Sometimes the colour of a decor piece like a figurine can match those running through the soft furnishings like drapes, carpets, upholstery and wall hangings, and tie the design theme together.

Weight: Some ceramic, stone and metal pieces can be very heavy. Adequate support is required to ensure that a fragile tabletop does not crack, splinter or break resulting in the loss of the table and probably expensive artifacts.

Location: Just as heavy items should be placed carefully, fragile pieces must be located in a safe place. They should not be in an area on the table where a careless nudge can dislodge it. Also, breakable items need to be out of reach of children who can be injured in any accidental damage.

Ambience: Some items add a formal air while others create a casual atmosphere. Modern decor pieces may look awkward in an ethnic interior while heavy cut glass will not complement bamboo furniture. Finally, even a single judiciously chosen piece can beautify a coffee table instead of a jumble of knick-knacks.

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