Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick Pilates exercise: 10 minute pilates

You may have noticed many an exercises which can tone your biceps at the front of the upper arms, but there is one difficulty though, you can not reach the area underneath. Here is one pilate exercise which should help you. Always remember that the side press-ups have been defined as powerful exercise. You must be aware of the fact that both incorporate the "zip" movement. You may gently squeeze your back passage while bringing the feeling forward to your pubic bone. Then you draw these muscles up inside until you feel your lower abdomen hollow.

This pilate exercise requires you not to use a hand weight of more than 3 kilos. Lie with your knees bent, hip-width apart and parallel. Between your knees place a small cushion, gently zip it and squeeze the cushion while breathing normally throughout. In your left hand hold the weight. Extend Stretch the left arm beyond the left shoulder while palm facing inwards. The upper part is steady and standstill with your right hand. Now gradually take the weight towards your left shoulder, remain the upper part of your left arm still. Now straight your arm and turn your arm in such a way so that the palm faces away from you while knuckles towards you. Gradually decrease the weight towards the right shoulder, keep the upper arm still. Straighten your arm again. Turn your arm back so that the palm faces inwards. Repeat up to 10 times with each arm.

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