Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sing is King box office: Delhi & Punjab shivering under mass hysteria

It could not get bigger than this. No faltu ka promotion (it was heavy no doubt, but no one claimed Akshay’s marriage is in stress because of Katrina), no artificial love story or break up, no accumulation of yesterday’s star cast, no six pack, the original fit, Akshay Kumar’s Sing is King is smashing all box office records with élan and ease.

I have heard that Sing is King is doing extra extra ordinary business in Punjab. It was expected but certainly not at this scale. I heard that the movie has collected 1,02,000 from its first show from one single screen theatre in rural Punjab. This is kind of unprecedented because no movie EVER has collected this much amount (or even 60%) from the first day from the same theatre.

In Delhi, the movie is going super strong. Many multiplexes has doubled or tripled the number of shows and still getting capacity. So, there is no spoilage factor, wherein houseful board for one movie leads janta to go for another movie.

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