Saturday, August 09, 2008

Coir, combination or foam, get a perfect mattress for your bedroom

foam mattress bedroom
Use approved varieties - coir, or a combination of coir and foam. Go in for branded ones as the cost is worth the investment. One has a varied range to choose from in bedspreads and curtains - lacy, see-through curtains, or heavy drapes that keep the sunlight out during summer afternoons or even organza in all its vibrant colours. Heavy layers of drapes helps in keeping sounds low and in colder climes acts as a good insulator.
Bedspreads and quilts in sparkling tones and exotic designs are a must. Patchwork or embroidered patterns in shades of blues, greens, or even a stunning combination of black and gold, will add pizzazz to the room. Satin or even velvet sheets help in adding that extra touch of class.

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