Sunday, April 13, 2008

Office interior decoration on a shoe-string budget

Clinical tests show that people crave for more change and novelty today than ever before. This is attributed to the electronic media. Is your office decor boring? Has it been the same for years? If yes, it could be having a negative effect on your staff. Some new decor ideas will keep their interest levels fresh.

It is now accepted that novel concepts in design can stir some interest in your workplace. Consider the idea of dining tables with rotating containers. Different parts can become accessible to you. Applying a similar concept, you can have an interior design for your office, which incorporates features, which can be changed or slid out of sight. New designs will be a welcome change every few months or so.


Partition walls can slide into the walls. For instance, a set of four cubicles can be turned into a reading room and vice versa. By creating sliding wall panels, the design can be changed as and when required.

Colour schemes

A colour scheme is a design concept that can be interesting to change. And easy too. Any colour will appear to be a certain shade based on other colours used in the design. If it is placed next to bright red it will look lighter and if placed next to pale blue or white, a different shade. Optical illusions with colour schemes are a great way to be innovative. Selectively change the focal point in the design. By changing some colours you can modify the decor within a small budget.

Another idea is to have a versatile colour scheme. For instance, you can pick a range of complementary colours. For example, say a grey base for carpeting, floors, walls and windows, with upholstery in purple. You can change one highlighting colour by replacing the purple with red or burgundy red, and the look of the office changes. Each colour in a scheme 'brings out' another colour or masks it.

Change with seasons

Consider a decor that will change with the seasons. Reversible upholstery is a good idea. In summer you can go for cool lavender and in winter a sunny yellow. By changing only parts of an interior in a focused way, you can change the whole office.

Wallboards can be changed every few months using different materials and colours. Sliding panels can make a big change in your office. You can select a design that is open to change. To make the workplace interesting, your decor should change. New looks every few months by design are a good idea with minimum expense.


Changing the lighting fixtures will also change the appearance dramatically in an office. Golden incandescent lights will create warm colours and fluorescent fixtures, bluish or cold colours. This can be coordinated with the colour scheme of carpets and partition boards. Wall hangings and contemporary paintings on the walls may be changed. Landscaping can be changed too, matching your other changes.

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