Friday, April 18, 2008

Interior Decoration: chronological theme-Series-1

Themes are an interesting way to spice up your home decor. While a single theme for the entire house is a simple choice, consider different themes for different rooms as a refreshingly unique option. Your home decor is a reflection of your personality and each theme could reflect a different shade of your persona. From your kitchen to your bathroom, you can find themes to match any space.

Chronological Theme

You can even build themes within themes. For example, if your theme is 'transition,' then each room can reflect a different era. You can progress from the 1900s to the 21st century within the walls of your home. With wall art, wall colours, and accessories, this transition is not difficult. If you start with contemporary decor for your living room, move backwards in time as you progress to the other rooms. Your bedroom can reflect authentic royalty, complete with antique wood furniture, an ornamental king-size bed, and silk upholstery. Your bathroom can be straight out of the 70s, with polka-dotted tiles and bright, colourful walls. Your kitchen can be futuristic, with minimalist furniture and modern accessories. Each decade has a lot of interesting design elements to offer. Do some research on each to unearth ideas that will suit your spaces.

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