Saturday, April 19, 2008

Living room makeover

Simple changes on a small budget add colour to the living room.

The living room is the area which is perhaps, the most frequented room in the house. While this room may need a regular makeover to keep it looking bright, cheerful, and different, you need not spend a lot to give it a new look.


You can add a real punch of colour by painting just one wall of your living room. This will really change the focal point of the living room without getting into a major decorating project. If your room has a niche, that's the perfect choice for extra colour. You can choose a bold, contrasting colour picked from a floral fabric, or a subtle tone darker than the tone of the other walls.


Nothing adds colour like pillows strategically placed on furniture. Whether you choose plain colours for a floral sofa or chair, or colourful, patterned pillows for a plain chair or sofa, these simple additions will add comfort and a splash of colour.


Green plants or flowering ones add colour, fragrance, personality, and a soothing touch to the living room. If you really don't have a green thumb, choose plants that require little or no care. If you travel a lot, settle for artificial ones. You can find nice-looking plants, foliage, and flowers that only need to be dusted and maybe vacuumed once in a while.


Even if you have a traditional classic living room, you can add a point of interest by selecting a lamp or shade that is colourful or unusual. You can also have a pot or sculpture and light it up in the evenings by having the electrical components installed. Then, select a shade that has a unique shape, and glue a trim of fringe, beads, or ribbon around the top and bottom to add colour.


A colourful throw rug, an antique shawl or piece of brocade strategically placed in front of a chair or under a coffee table can add colour and texture to a living room. It can be put on top of hardwood flooring, painted floors, or a carpet. You can choose a contrasting colour, chosen from fabric you're using in the room, or look for one with an interesting pattern that goes well with the decor theme.


If you have a small chair, such as a desk chair or side chair, consider changing the covers of the seat cushion. Fresh colour on even this small area will offer interest and bring life to a dreary corner. A handmade quilt, woven throw, or cosy, colourful blanket adds interest when draped over the back or arm of a neutral sofa or chair. Choose a colour that accents other pieces in the room as well.


Try placing a large mirror on a bare wall. Choose an interesting frame or decorate a piece of mirror with cording or braid. If you have an old frame, consider painting it a bright colour. The mirror will reflect the colour from around the room and add light to the space.


A colourful piece of art placed in a living room not only adds a decorative touch, but also introduces colours and shapes you might not be able to use in a larger area. Try framing simple photos with colourful mats and eyecatching frames.

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