Saturday, April 19, 2008

For a clutter-free home…..

Create storage spaces, and dispose off old and unused items, for clutter-free spaces.

Asmall home is filled with a lot of clutter due to scattering things in different places and not enough storage space. Often, we tend to dump things like car keys, glasses, shoes, purses, helmets, and letters immediately after entering the home and then spend time looking for them. You can resolve this problem by mounting hooks to hang keys, bags, purses, coats and hats. Keep a free-standing shelf beside the door for shoes, glasses, and other things. Hang mail holders, preferably with two pockets, to hold bills and mail, and a bin to throw the junk mail immediately along with other trash such as empty cans, wrappers, and envelopes.

Use baskets to store papers, files, books, toys, and much more. Keep your files safe in a wicker box. Use hanging baskets to keep toys and children's things.

Homes with one bathroom and a large family are often a mess, especially around the bathroom area. You can minimise the pressure on the area by appointing other areas for some of the activities that can be managed outside the bath. Install hooks to hang wet towels and a big laundry bag for dirty laundry. You can keep clean towels and makeup outside in a shelf. A tall mirror outside will help people get ready, apply makeup, and reach for the towel without entering the bath. If many members are sharing one room and use the bathroom to change clothes, you may like to hang a curtain that can allow them a private area for the purpose.

Tripping over toys all over the house is the major occupation of mothers. Give away toys that do not attract your child any longer. Small children do not like to be restricted to one room, so it is wiser to have a drawer or hidden storage area for their toys wherever they play most often.

Your bedroom should be a place where you can rest. It is not the place to work or do other stressful activities. Do not allow things to accumulate there. This room should contain a bed, dresser, nightstands, lamps, and maybe a chair or bench. Do not overcrowd your bedroom with furniture as this will make it feel small. Your nightstand should be clear except for reading glasses, a book or magazine, an alarm clock, and maybe some tissues. Start by clearing the room of all extra items and store them elsewhere.

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