Friday, January 18, 2008

Saif gets Kareena Tattoo, exclusive picture, photo


Saif Ali Khan just got an awesome Kareena tattoo in his left forearm written in Devangri script (Sanskrit). Saif showed the tattoo in Bangalore while doing a rock concert along with Parikrama. The rock concert is on a four city tour, it has performed in Delhi and Bangalore, next comes Mumbai and Calcutta.

Saif Ali Khan was looking happy and he was not hiding the fact that he has adorned Kareena tatoo in his forearm, when asked if the tattoo is permanent, Saif seriously, yes it is.Saif-Khan-Kareena-Tatoo-Bangalore-Delhi-Mumbai-Bombay-Kolkata-Calcutta-Rock-Concert

Saif got this tattoo last Thursday in Mumbai before he and Kareena flew to Greece for yash Chopra’s under production film Tashan.

While giving an interview this is what Saif says to the interviewer about the tattoo.

Question: You got a tattoo done.

Saif Ali Khan: Yes, I did but I am not going to show it to you.

Question: Is it a permanent one?

Saif Ali Khan: Yes, I believe it is quite permanent.

Question: Great, so best of luck for all your performances.

Saif Ali Khan: Thanks a lot.

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bangalore said...

How will he delete his tatoo, if some one else comes over his life?

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