Friday, January 18, 2008

Isles of Caprice-Islands of Hawaii

It is the most significant holiday that most people undertake -- the honeymoon getaway, which will tug at your heartstrings and feature in your bouts of nostalgia forever. And there’s no better place to derserve that topspot than Hawaii, I think, considering it has been the constant favourite of bridal magazines as that all-important dstination!

Theidyllicis - lands of Hawaii offer the perfect combination of sightseeing and beach fun. More than that they are the spot to go to if you need a little bit of sun, sand and water along with a bit of history and food. After all what better place to spend your time
with the sweetest person in your life than the place that gives the world its honey-golden nectar dripped sweet pineapple??
Hawaii is a short flight away west of Los Angeles (about 5 hours and the best season is May to October, to avoid the winter rain. But then again, cuddling up in a Hawaii rainstor isn’t a bad option for a honeymoon couple either.... Otherwise, in season, couples can indulge in merry bouts of island hopping, partaking of endless beach parties and frolics in the sand and azure waters. When we landed on Oahu island in Hawaii for a conference, there was not a whiff of romance in the air as our heads were buzzing with numbers and presentations to be made the next day. However one step outside the small airport and we were besotted. As we made our way to the hotel, we were totally charmed by the emerald blue-green waters flirting with the white sun-kissed sands. This was just the place to be we thought, sucking our breaths in as the beautiful sights greeted our tired irises.
Unanimously we agreed that the conference be damned, this was a place where being away from one’s spouses or loved ones was sacrilege. This was a place to come to with your loved one. Though the only reason we were there was business, it soon turned into a pleasure trip since all the participants seemed to be so taken in by the place. Most of us attended the first few days of the important sessions and then hit the beach.
For honeymooners there is much to do when they want to spend time dabbling in a little history. Oahu is known as The Gathering Place and to its southeast is the extinct volcano crater of Diamond Head with the ritzy Black Point and Hanauma Bay beyond. To the northwest, and beyond the international airport lies Pearl Harbor with the Ihilani resort area a few miles further along the coast.
Once the history bit is done and recreation assumes centre-mindspace, footsteps turn to the northwestern portion of the island (the windward side), known as the Waimea with its roaring surf and wellknown beaches of Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach. A visit to the beautiful Waimea Falls Park is a must. On the northeastern side of t h e i s l a n d (across the pass known as The Poli - which in itself is worth a visit) lie Kailua and a more serene and peaceful way of life.
Wherever we went we found couples, their hands linked, strolling along the beachfront and idling along the promenades. The place was so beautiful that it transcended the barriers of age. Who said honeymoons and romance belonged only to the young?

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