Friday, March 02, 2007

Oracle desperate to down SAP, grabs Hyperion

Oracle’s acquisition of Hyperion (agency news here) surprised me for two reasons. First, contrary to lot of analysts, Oracle stock ACTUALLY values much more, or it would not have gulped Hyperion for so less, and secondly, we are probably witnessing a new thinktank-brainstormed Oracle, which instead of well rumored Business Objects or Cognos preferring Hyperion to buy.

Oracle which has been picking up companies (in last two years more than two dozens) faster than Paris Hilton picks up her boy/toy friends has made it clear that buying Hyperion is a competitive move to dislocate SAP from its current positioning. The move will anyway weaken SAP’s market share because of the sheer numbers of organizations which use Hyperion with SAP.

SAP should have purchased Hyperion much before and both could well be an ideal fit for each other. But after all SAP prefers to lie under its shield, it is yet to learn dog-eats-dog market ferociousness.

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