Friday, March 02, 2007

Dell exaggerating its woes, digging it more

Its not that market of notebook computer has suddenly gone dull, in fact it’s booming, when Hewlett-Packard’s revenue from personal computer increased 17 percent this quarter, the so called market leader Dell has completely been unable to retain its numero uno position.

Is it because Dell is still gasping from the resignation of its bygone CEO last January? Or its ongoing investigation on accounting malpractices which has dragged the moral down of all the teams notwithstanding the stock market pundits? Dell’s fourth quarter profit dropped by 33 percent, it is though slightly ahead of expectation (by .1 cent) but market analysts believe that earnings will be under pressure for next several quarters.

It purely symbolizes the above image,

Jeff Clement send his laptop for service to Dell following a display problem. Not only was the display problem not fixed but they left a big hole in the side of the laptop. Apparently they removed the hard drive and did not put it back. Jeff does not have data backup and is worried that the hard drive might be given to someone else.

Dell has a problem and instead of fixing it, probably they are exaggerating it more.

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