Tuesday, October 17, 2006

First TV advertisement from Monster.com

This Monster.com commercial is not the latest one splashing on TV. This is actually the first one from the recruitment king. Simply amazing and I am sure this gonna rule the advertising world for the next one hundred thousand years. Just like Apple 1984. Off course, in its own segment as a brand Monster also has to evolve like Apple. If you remember Apple’s 1984 ad has now become part of advertising folklore. (Can watch the video here)

What I have liked immensely about the ad other than its innocence clad video is its astonishing inspirational value stuff. So simple, yet so effective, so devine. The proposition is so very inspiring...these days recruitment ads more bank on the bad bosses and how you get away from them with a better offer, kinda escapism blended with some virtual relief through the idiot box, which you never gonnal do in real life...Naukri Hari Sadu video here

I would say don’t compare, just replay Monster and enjoy.

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