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Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts
Slogan/punchline:There's no greater act of hospitality than to embrace a stranger as one's own. Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts. It's in our nature.
Advertising information: Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Hong Kong
Creative director: Pierre Desfretier
Art directors: Pierre Desfretier, Genevieve Hardy
Copywriters: Kwei Chee Lam, Edgard Montjean, Troy Sullivan
Producer: James Brook-Partridge
Account servicing: Adam O’Conor, Laura Le Roy
Planning: Catherine Moustou
Music composer: Bruno Coulais
Production company: Quad Productions
Director: Bruno Aveillan
Media agency: Maxus

Monte Carlo Resort & Casino
Punchline/slogan: Unpretentiously luxurious
Advertisement Information: Advertising Agency: David&Goliath, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Creative Director: John Kieselhorst
Art Director: Todd Parker
Copywriters: Aryan Aminzadeh, Greg Szmurlo
Art Buyer: Andrea Mariash
Media Buyer: MGM MIRAGE
Account Team: Jessica Halter-Powell, Megan McDonnell

Give a night
Punchline/Slogan:Give someone a weekend in Paris as a gift.
With the new hotel gift card. Give a Night
Advertisement Information: Advertising Agency: Lowe Amsterdam, Holland
Art Directors: Maarten Vrouwes, Friso Ludenhoff
Copywriters: Friso Ludenhoff, Maarten Vrouwes
Photographer: Jaap Vliegendhard
Published: November 2009

Hard Rock Hotel
Ad copy: This is all that remains of the Lincoln Continental that The Who's drummer drove into the pool at the Holiday Inn Flint, Michigan. As legend has it, Keith wanted to celebrate his 21st birthday by the pool. When he found the door locked, Keith went berserk and hijacked the hotel limo. The rest, as they say, is history. Had Keith stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel Penang, things would've turned out quite differently. Impromptu parties aren't treated with disdain. In fact, they're encouraged. The hotel has Penang's largest pool and enough room for the whole entourage. They'll even roll out the sound system for some great rock and roll outside. If you're interested in a stay, ask our friendly servers here about the opening special.

With its steady stream of loyal customers, the Hard Rock Cafe was the perfect place to advertise the launch of the Hard Rock Hotel Penang on a small budget. To capture the attention of diners, we replaced Hard Rock Cafe's memorabilia with three authentic-looking pieces of our own. Rather than the usual autographed guitar, we featured never-before-seen 'artefacts' from the infamous hotel stays of rockers. Every piece was faithfully produced to look like an original. This is one of three that were on display.

Advertisement information: Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Comar
Art Director: Yeoh Oon Hoong
Copywriter: Andrew Low
Typographer: Jarrod Reginald
Client Services: N Balachandran
Planner: Remona Ahmad

The Standard Hotel, New York
Advertising information: Editor/Research Assistant: Beau Dickson
Assistant: Swapna Tamhane
Production Company: Crush, Toronto
Representation/Images Courtesy of: Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica
Marco Brambilla Directorial Representation: The Ebeling Group
Ebeling Group U.S.A.

Ad description: Civilization, a video mural created for the new Standard hotel in New York City, depicts a journey from hell to heaven interpreted through modern film language using computer-enhanced found footage. This epic video mural contains over 300 individual channels of looped video blended into a multi-layered seamless tableau of interconnecting images that illustrate a contemporary, satirical take on the concepts of Heaven and Hell.

Holiday Inn Hotels
Slogans/Punchlines: Relax, it's Holiday Inn.
We put a smile back on your face.
Pleasing people the world over.
The best surprise is no surprise.
Holiday Inn. The World's Inn Keeper.
Your Host from Coast to Coast.
The Nation's Innkeeper.

Holiday Inn Commercial (Video)-1

Holiday Inn Commercial (Video)-2

Holiday Inn Commercial (Video)-3

Hotel Euler, Bazel
Punchline/Slogan: Euler. It's not a hotel, it's a way of life.

Ramada hotel brand (in the USA and Canada)
Advertising slogan: Ramada. A very good place to be.

Ramada International (without USA and Canada)
Advertising slogan: Everything except excess

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