Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cost of Car Battery Prices Information Prices of Car Batteries

car battery cost
Car battery prices and costs depend on the outside dimensions along with placement of power terminals . Car battery cost vary from manufacturers to manufacturers. The size of the battery is often called group size, it is advisable that you follow your car maker's recommendation while choosing a car battery. Basically there are two types of car batteries found in the market. One is low maintenance that is non-sealed and the other is maintenance-free batteries.

While replacing the the old battery, you first will have to zero in on to find out the size or group number of your existing battery. Visit to any auto parts store will make you aware of what size is needed, the people out there will also examine your car model and its manufacturer (or make).

Car Battery costs for three of the most common sizes (24, 65 and 75) may vary from $45 from a discount store to $75-$90 for a goof branded battery.

Additional cost and price of car battery will include an additional fee in some states till the time the old battery has been drop offed for recycling purposes, which is anyway good for environmental reasons. Your deposit will be returned after that. Typically in the state of California you pay out $10.

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