Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kimberly conrad hefner divorce filed and approved

Kimberley Conrad photo picture hugh hefner
Kimberley Conrad Hugh Hefner wife at the cover of Playboy magazine
Kimberley Conrad & Hugh Hefner appearing in a photograph together
Hugh Hefner's wife Kimberley Conrad at Mexico photo picture

Kimberly Conrad, the former playmate of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner has decided to file a divorce. 20 years of marriage and 11 years of estrangement it seems now coming to a legal end. The 83-year-old Hefner is married to Kimberly Conrad in 1989 and got separated nine years later. The lady who was a former Playboy model has been living in a mansion by his husband’s one. The press release says the things have been ended amicably. I am sure it does.

Hefner is presently dating Playmates Crystal Harris, 23, and twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, 19, has finally turned to court citing irreconcilable differences, Los Angeles court records said.

"I would''ve been happy to divorce her when we separated, but she wanted to remain married for our boys," People magazine quoted him as saying.

Hillel Chodos, a lawyer for Conrad, 47, the mother of two of Hefner''s four children, said: "Mr. Hefner''s divorce filing speak for itself, and we''ll respond in due course." Link

Last month, Conrad, who wed Hefner in 1989, took legal action against the 83 year old, claiming he has failed to honor their pre-nuptial agreement and allegedly owes her more than $5 million.

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