Thursday, June 04, 2009

How to get more out of your budget

If your budget is tight, concentrate on artistic touches for that special look. When the budget is tight, doing up a living room is a challenge. A little imagination can do wonders. The idea is to spend less on the fixed elements and more on artistic alternatives. If you have a budget of Rs 50,000, paint the walls with any emulsion, which would cost between Rs 6 to Rs 14 per sqft. Wallpapers come in a range of Rs 20 to Rs 40 per sqft, and thus do not fit in this budget. Cheaper wallpapers are not of very good quality and are hence not advisable.

If the basic flooring is of a decent quality then it need not be ripped off. Most of the flooring is covered by furniture. Therefore, the uncovered floor can be covered with dhurries or carpets. They need not be expensive; sometimes one can get a good deal at some exhibitions or expos.

The trick on cutting cost on furniture is to stick with the bare necessities. Choose very few furniture pieces. Custom-made furniture is preferable. Do not compromise on quality or you may end up spending much more than planned before you know it. Reduce the size of your TV unit, as it will cut cost. Instead of sofas one can also go for low divans or other informal seating. This creates a warm atmosphere.

Instead of using fluorescent lights, lamps with interesting shades can be used in the living room. Now-adays lamps made of different materials like bamboo, paper and acrylic are available, in a wide range of designs and prices. If you use enough of them, the lamps can provide the right amount of brightness. Placing them near artifacts can also enhance the beauty of the space.

Upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics, colours, designs and prices. You can also stay well within your budget by recycling materials that you already have in the house, and using it for decorative purposes.

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