Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ceiling: Work around ceiling with colors

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If your ceiling is too low or room too small, you can work around it with colours, to give it a visual-enhancement.

If a room is too large, try painting a warm colour on one wall in a predominantly white room. The warm wall will appear to advance, making the room seem smaller or shorter

In cases where the room is too small, paint one wall a cool colour, while leaving the rest of the walls warm. The cool wall will appear to draw back, making the room seem longer

Are high ceilings making your home look like a theatre lobby? For a more intimate feel in rooms with high ceilings, paint the ceiling a darker colour. You can also lower it further by painting the top part of the wall with the same colour as the ceiling

To make low ceilings appear higher, paint the ceiling a light colour and bring the wall colour six feet or so onto the ceiling. Another trick to make the walls appear higher is to paint the baseboards the same colour as the walls.

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