Friday, March 20, 2009

Tiles for your porch, numerous options

porch tiles outdoor flooring tilingFirst impressions are most important. And this is true whether it's of people or of homes. When people walk into your home, the first thing they see is the entrance to your home or the porch area. While we pay a lot of attention to landscaping and doing up the garden, the front porch may sometimes be overlooked. Instead of leaving it plain, why not let it make a statement about yourself and your home?

Options in tiles

One way that you can do up the front porch is by adding attractive tiles to create a warm and welcoming effect. There are different types of tiles you can choose from for the porch area but just be discerning while choosing the type of tile. You will find a host of floor tiles like hard, soft, warm, etc, in numerous sizes and patterns but there are only some that are suitable for the garden and external areas.

Pavers, for instance, are stone, concrete or brick materials/slabs that are used in the construction of patios, sidewalks and driveways. Concrete pavers come with a wide range of finishes, including textured and smooth, while clay pavers come in a limited range of colours. Clay ages well and wears well too. Cobblestone gives a very elegant finish. But for that rustic look, choose crushed stone or gravel, which is also less expensive.

You can even go in for sandstone, terracotta or slate tiles for your porch. Predominantly found in the shape of squares and rectangles, terracotta, which means 'cooked earth', can be used for a variety of purposes, including exterior paving. These tiles are very absorbent.

Typically found in shades of grey, slate is quite durable, while quarry tiles are also suitable for exterior surfaces and the added advantage is that they are grease and waterresistant. Brick tiles have similar features too and are ideal for linking internal and external areas. Though ceramic tiles offer design versatility, durability, water and fire resistance, they may not always be apt as external flooring. Always go in for slip-resistant tiles for outdoor surfaces.

Nowadays, many of these pavers and tiles come in a set pattern so they can easily be laid out to form attractive flooring with a design and sometime even a border.
Using a porch

In our tropical weather, a porch can be put to good use throughout the year. Dining outdoors is one of the pleasures of warm weather where the porch can be made an extension of one's home. Think of your porch as an indoor space and choose furniture and floor coverings accordingly. If your porch is enclosed it's all the more better as you can even enjoy open spaces during the rain. Trees around the porch provide plenty of shade. They make the area cozy and give you privacy. So set up some nice wicker or cane chairs and a table, and add aesthetic lights to convert the area from a mere outdoor space to a multi-purpose relaxation space.

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