Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jade Goody wedding picture, photo, video

Jade Goody in this beautiful wedding picture is seen with her fiancé Jack Tweed and her two young sons Bobby and Freddy.

Before the wedding ceremony began, a plane flew overhead trailing a "Jade loves Jack" banner.

The groom after being shot by paparazzi hiding his face in embarrassment

Jack Tweed (left) and the groom's party leaving for the wedding dressed in women's underwear.

Jade Goody arrived at the wedding venue by helicopter on Saturday night. Though she was feeling exhausted after a tiring proportions for the wedding, the journalists were told she was feeling good "after a decent night's sleep".

The lavish wedding ceremony was being held in the Down Hall country house hotel in Essex. Jade Goody was not feeling well due to the hectic preparations.

Jade Goody who has been undergoing chemotherapy arrive at her house from hospital along with bridesmaids wearing flesh-coloured bathing caps in a show of solidarity with the cancer patient and bride.

Former Big Brother housemate and reality star Jade Goody got married after being told by doctors that she only has few days to live. Here, in this picture, Jade Goody kissing her finance Jack Tweed, a day ahead of the wedding

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