Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fuel Cell Technology: Advantages, Disadvantages, pros n cons

fuel cell technology positive negative

Pros & cons…
This technology has its share of merits and demerits: Advantages
Eliminates pollution - almost negligible Hydrogen generated from water electrolysis completely eliminates green house gases Can be produced anywhere if there is water and electricity Installation of small stationery fuel cells lead to a more stabilised and reliable power grids Higher efficiency than gas or diesel engines Silent as compared to noisy diesel engines Low heat transmission make them ideal for military applications Operating time is much longer than conventional batteries Maintenance is negligible since there are considerably lesser moving parts Disadvantages
Fueling the cells is a problem today since there is no established production, transportation, and distribution system. Storing hydrogen is difficult Some fuel cells are extremely expensive
Bigger than conventional batteries
Reforming hydrocarbons to produce hydrogen is technically-challenging and not absolutely eco-friendly Most units are handmade today
Technology is at its nascent stage and a full suite of products are still not available

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