Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coffee table & pebbles, shells, decorative lamps, floating candles

decorative pottery
flowers in containers
floating candles
embroidered table runners
decorative lamps
Multi-coloured pebbles, shells

A very common tabletop item is the ashtray. Though it has a functional role, its design often makes it attractive enough to become the adornment of the table. Statues in various materials create interest. Groups of three or more figurines can be used to formulate a theme in one corner. A low profile fresh or dry flower arrangement gives the room ambiance and fragrance. Multi-coloured pebbles, shells, decorative lamps, embroidered table runners, floating candles and flowers in containers, decorative pottery, musical timepieces etc are some of the variety of pieces that can be displayed on a table top.

Formal interiors can also use porcelain or silver tea sets as decor pieces, to be used when required. Since the sets are beautiful in their embellishments it adds to the aesthetics of the area. Delicate items are often arranged at a lower level where they can be viewed through the glass tabletop, which also acts as a protective layer on top.

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