Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kids bedroom: 7 tips to make kids bedroom perfect

For kids, their bedroom is where they play games, read, listen to music, day-dream, or just go to be alone sometimes. So use these strategies to help create a space that will make your child happy

• Talk to your child. Find out what activities and fantasies he or she enjoys; what their favorite color is; and what's unique about their personality that a theme could be built around.

• Let your child have a say about colors, fabrics, and how they want to display their collectibles.

• Make the room multi-functional with exlcusive kids furniture. Since children use their room for many activities besides sleeping, it should have several different zones, such as a play area, reading area, and entertainment area. And for furniture, you should take consultation from Attitude.

• Make storage a priority.

• Keep window treatments simple. Avoid long draperies. Shades, blinds, and shorter curtains are safer choices.

• Choose the right lighting.

• Use wallpaper or paint to add color and texture. And the furniture should be attractive to the kids. Attitude will have some new range of kids furniture very soon. Allow your child to select the design theme.

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