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Singh is Kinng movie review: Sing Song King Kong Halla Masti

The films rests on a very basic plot of 'Good Vs Bad', but the characters incorporated and the treatment given on a lavish scale is what tilts the balance in the film's favour. Also, you cannot discount the fact that Akshay is in his elements right from take one! There is some magic in his body language, a purpose in his every scene, and the desire to excel in every shot. He lights up the screen every time he comes on and spreads the energy like a virus. The man once called wooden I'm sure is having critics and producers who shied away earlier, having to eat out of his hands from a wooden spoon! SINGH IS KINNG is an out and out Akshay Kumar film. The support cast too is terrific; Om Puri Javed Jaffrey, Ranvir Shorey, Sudhanshu Pandey, Sonu Sood, Kirron Kher, Yashpal Sharma and Manoj Pahwa.

Akshay (Happy Singh) is one happy-go-lucky chap with a big heart who always goes out to help his villagers. Sonu Sood (Lucky Singh) another villager is a dreaded gangster in Australia. He makes headlines almost every other day. He is King in Australia and his cronies are his friends from his village Amritsar in India. Happy is forever putting the villagers in trouble with his 'do goo act'. Fed up, a few decide to get rid of him. They decide to send him to Australia to get back Lucky Singh whose ailing parents are longing for him. With him on this mission is his childhood friend Rangeela (Om Puri). How Happy manages to make Lucky and his gang of Sardars turn back from their evil ways is what the film is all about.

There's action and romance packaged to guarantee the best returns for you bucks. Bazmee excels on both counts. Somewhere in between is writer Suresh Nair's humour, which is the film's selling point!

Apart from Akshay, Sonu Sood commands a terrific screen presence. As the King, he marshals his resources well, even his half-blind brother (Mika) Javed Jaffery who turns in a good act. Om Puri is finally seen in a good role. He combines well with Akshay to give the best moments of 'laugh time'. The music is loud and vibrant, in true Sardar style and the characters, keeping the Sardars in mind. What's interesting is that every actor who is not a sardar carries off the get-p so well that it's difficult to distinguish a real Sardar. Full marks to the costume designer who has added colour on the screen to go with the vibrant community.

Katrina Kaif has not much of a role like Neha Dhupia but both the girls offer excellent support. Katrina looking gorgeous whips up some sexy dance moves with Akshay amidst the pyramids of Egypt while Neha with her saucy moves lights up the proceedings in the King's villa.

The first half breezes through without a hitch. Certain flaws crop up in the second; the loose editing of two songs, which appear abruptly between scenes and disappear as quickly, and a sub-plot, which could have been done without. But that is all forgotten in the din of the theatre as the junta go wah wah over their new King!

The North Indians are going to go ballistic while the overseas market is sure to rake in a huge turnover. An out-and-out entertainer guaranteed to bring on the laughs.

Eh picture badi changi hai!

Ratings : 4/5

Source: GlamSham

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