Friday, May 16, 2008

Anger Management: If Naomi Campbel and Mike Tyson can take classes, so also we

Uncontrolled anger is more injurious than smoking,” says Dr Parikh, a noted guru from the field. It can do more harm to the person afflicted by it than the one on whom it’s targeted.

“It leads to pschosomatic illnesses too,” he says. According to Dr Shetty, it throws the entire biochemistry of the body out of gear.

“The adrenaline increases pulse rate leading to a rise in blood pressure. Excess glucose is broken down by the lever and breathing becomes frequent, thus destroying the biochemistry. Neranger-management-classes-courses-techniquesve transmitters get disturbed, inducing fear, agitation, sadness, lack of sleep, acidity, loss of appetite for food and sex, acidity and irregular menstrual cycle in In the movie Anger Management running for the third week in the city, an otherwise mild-mannered Adam Sandler gets into a spat aboard an airplane, and the judge promptly sends him to an anger management therapist (Jack Nicholson).

In the real world, celebs notorious for their temper tantrums and aggressive behaviours, like Naomi Campbel and Mark Tyson have undergone therapies to get a handle on their erratic mood. In the recent times, the city has witnessed some ugly displays of rage. Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson So, is it time for Mumbaiites to go Anger Management for some anger management?
“But it’s mostly a Western concept,” says psychiatrist Harish Shetty. “There they work on symptoms. Anger is a symptom, it’s not an ailment. Their philosophy of treatment is reductionist, where as ours is holistic. So, it may not work here.”
Concurs Dr Rajesh Parikh, Honorary Neuropsychiatrist, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre. “Anger management frequently forms an integral part of stress management, because one of the commonest causative factors in the genesis of stress is inappropriate handling of anger.” However, they both agree, there is a need to manage anger in a holistic way as it has complex effects on the mind and body. “For the heart, it can be even more dangerous women,” explains Dr Shetty.
Dr Parikh believes that learning how to manage anger is necessary not just for social reasons but also for health reasons. “Children should be taught in school how to manage anger effectively. When our three children were studying in Boston, they had regular classes in anger management and conflict resolution.” Dr Shetty however feels that anger management sans holistic management is all bunkum. “Since anger is just a symptom, we first have to treat the cause. A change in lifestyle is a must. All forms of meditation methods, deep breathing, pranayama, shavasana, music can help soothe tempers. These are, however, not antidotes.”

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