Friday, April 18, 2008

Fabrics: Children Bathrooms

When it comes to the children's bedroom, you could explore any unique ideas because children simply love anything that's unusual and creative. Experiment with colours, fabric, and designs. Build around your child's favourite theme. It could be the jungle theme, sports theme, underwater theme, starry night theme, or even a favourite cartoon character theme. Once you choose the theme, select accessories and fabric in colours and patterns that go with the theme. The fabric should be versatile and patterns should be repeated in other items in the room such as quilts, pillows, lampshade bases, bed ruffles, and so on.

Fabric with prints of vintage trains, race cars, dinosaurs, starry nights, dragons, airplanes, animals, fire engines, boats and ships could hold the key to a successful project. Cartoons, sports, and fairly tale motifs could also be used to good effect. The colours, patterns, and textures could be co-ordinated with the theme of the bedroom. If it's a jungle theme, animal prints, plant and leafy borders could be used. Blue could be the preferred colour for an aqua theme. Patterns of flashing lights of fire engines are suited for young boys while flowers, starfish, and floral patterns could create a wonderland for the girls. Butterflies and colourful insects could add further interest to the setting. You can also add a pink accent pillow with a bow ribbon.

As far as the material is concerned, go for denims and corduroys for boys, and velvets and satin for the girls. As for patterns and designs, energise your child's bedroom with stripes. Create a visually vibrant space with either horizontal or vertical stripes. Pretty pink and white checks or navy blue and ivory checks could also add warmth and interest to a girl's room. Florals could be a favourite too, as far as girls are concerned. These could be mixed and matched with stripes or checks. A girl's room could also have floral prints combined with geometric patterns.

Corduroy, which has a fabulous texture and high durability, could be used for headboards, upholstery, and couches. Cotton could be used for drapes, curtains, and upholstery. Denim, which is a tough and practical fabric, could be used for cushions and headboards as it is long lasting. Lace borders could add a soft, delicate touch to the girl's bedroom. Velvet is another fabric that offers a luxurious feel. It's also durable. It could be used for pillows, headboards, and tablecloths too. Vinyl is a durable and affordable fabric and could be used on cushions, as table cloth and on head boards.

You could create additional storage space with fabric skirts. A colourful piece of cloth could also be used to cover an old stool or a box with fabric skirts and frills. You could also stretch an interesting piece of cloth over a wood frame and hang it on a wall as an art piece. You could add cushion covers to plain, ordinary-looking chairs and see how it's transformed. You could also wrap plain strips of fabric around curtain rods and lamp bases and chandelier chords. A variety of cushion covers and floor cushions could be thrown in for an extra splash of colour.

Another way to brighten up the children's bedroom is to use ribbons. Make a valance for the windows with dangling ribbons. Outline the edges of a pillow with colourful ribbons. Delicate lace edges, colourful ribbons, and lots of frills could turn the bedroom into an fantasy space for your child.

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