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Decor elements for the ceiling

Elaborate ceiling decor can transform the look of your rooms.

Aplain ceiling need not adorn a room when there are plenty of decor options available. The ceiling becomes a canvas for smart designing that will transform the look and feel of the room. The height of the ceiling plays a decisive role in deciding the design. The norm, in the age of apartments, is to consider 15 ft and above as high. There are more options available for a high ceiling as it can carry elaborate decor without crowding the room. The presentation must be carried out neatly so that the ceiling by itself does not gain undue attention.


Ceiling medallions are quite popular in decor. They can be installed in high or low ceilings. Ceiling medallions can be as visible or understated as you desire. Usually, plaster of Paris, wood, or polyurethane is used to make readymade or customised medallions. Ornate medallions come with elaborate carvings that are coloured or more commonly, gilded to bring out the design. Usually, medallions are radial and serve as stylish backdrops for chandeliers, light fixtures, or fans. There are instances when a specification may require a medallion of a different shape.

To find a suitable location for a ceiling medallion is simple. They look good around a fixture, by themselves in a vast ceiling or as simple decoration in an elaborate ceiling like the tray ceiling. Another ceiling decor that is similar to a medallion is a rosette. This is a small stylised floral design that can be used across the ceiling, along the border, or in combination with a medallion.

Bas relief

When the design is a slight projection from the surrounding surface, then it is called a bas-relief. This is normally associated with temples or palaces due to its grandeur. From simple designs to elaborate figurines, bas-relief holds a lot of promise in the realms of ceiling decor. Here, bas-relief is usually done with plaster of Paris. In a small room, simple designs can adorn the ceiling, especially along the borders. For subtlety, the relief is usually painted the same colour as the ceiling. Elaborate scenes are best suited for a high domed ceiling wherein the ceiling becomes the centre of attraction. For grandeur, colours as well as gilded patterns are used with each relief in the scene, gaining prominence.


Decorative painting on the ceiling is not a new idea. Painted murals have depicted entire stories on the ceiling. For low ceilings, the trick is to paint it a light colour, if required, with designs that suggest space and height. Glossy paints are normally used to create a bright ambience. In case of painting, the techniques adopted can vary according to the location and requirement. From common scenes like blue sky with wispy white clouds to elaborate faux finishes, decorative painting can transform the look of your room. For artistic depictions of scenes and designs, hiring a professional artist is the best bet. Trompe l'oeil painting is also a fun way to add some zest to the room.


A plain ceiling, however small, can be made to look extremely stylish with wood rafters that traverse its length. Faux rafters of wood will add the elegance of a club's lounge into the home space. This is particularly beautiful in a high ceiling room or lobby. Sometimes, a rustic look can also be created with the selection of bamboo rafters. This looks good with a cathedral ceiling.

There are other ways to beautify the ceiling with props like glass or mirrors. Both may be impractical when there kids at home. Cornices and crown mouldings, although they do not classify as ceiling decor, accentuate any ceiling with ease. Use them when you want to draw attention to the ceiling.

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