Saturday, April 19, 2008

Children Bathroom: Themes for Child Bathrooms

Decorating your children's bathroom can be a simple and enjoyable process if you get the basics right and it needn't burn a hole in your pocket. It all depends on your choice - whether you want to decorate the bathroom in a themed manner or just generally keep the decor lively, if you have slightly older children.

First of all, pick a theme for the bathroom. If you have a girl, then decorate it in colours from her favourite fairytale. Or else, if you have a boy, pick a jungle theme or even a car racing theme. If you wish to have a neutral theme, opt for an undersea theme or even an animal kingdom theme. You can even mix two themes or come up with ideas of your own. Once you have the theme in mind, paint the bathroom walls keeping the theme in mind. This works best as changing wall colours won't cost too much in later years as well. But, remember to keep the paint in light colours as this will make the room appear larger. Also, dark colours tend to narrow down the space, often making children uncomfortable. Once you have the paint colour in mind and you're willing to tile the bathroom in keeping with the theme, select from a variety of coloured tiles. You can choose from solid colours to even scenes from your children's favourite cartoons and stories.

The next step is to select matching non-slip bathmats, shower curtains, and towels. Often, a bright shower curtain acts as the focal point of the bathroom and can perk up the space significantly. Add a laundry hamper in a bright colour and teach your children to use that for dirty clothes and towels.

If you have very young children, you can install the wash basin or WC at a low height to make it easier for them to reach it. But an easier option is to provide them a non-slip step stool which they can climb on to reach the basin and the WC. But ensure that children are supervised.

Safety is of prime importance in a children's bathroom and hence you must ensure that all electrical equipments are stored away from their reach. Make sure that they are not in contact with water and are unplugged before the kids use the bathroom. If possible, install shelves out of the reach of children. To make bath time safe for your kids, allow them to bring their bath time supplies and toys in a bath caddy or a small plastic bucket. This will also help keep the bath area neat. Another must for safety is installing grab bars. Install them to ensure that children grab the bars while washing those out of reach areas or while just playing in the water.

Don't forget to add a clock with a cartoon face on the top of the bathroom doorframe. Also, make daily activities like hand-washing, brushing, and bathing more enjoyable for children by buying some of the child-specific products that are available in the market. Violet hand soap, flavoured toothpaste, and cartoon character-shaped soaps appeal a lot to children. You can also get them to choose the colours to match those of their bathroom.

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