Saturday, April 19, 2008

Aesthetics for cosy living rooms

Make your living room warm and inviting. Know How.

Giving the living room a cosy feel and making it warm and welcoming is top priority for a person who wants the home to look different. What makes the living room alluring is the fact that it should have a comfortable ambience, a personal touch, and a creative setting.

Here's how to go about doing up this room in your home:


When you want to make your home striking, you need to take in factors like the space, amount of sunlight that comes in, upholstery that suits your family's needs, and the colour scheme of the walls. Give attention to striking the right balance between decor and functionality. You don't want your home to end up looking like a museum.


Space is a major constraint while planning the interiors. You can turn it to an advantage by resourcefully making use of unused spaces, where the furniture will not fit in.

If there is a corner space, use it as your focal point to add drama to the room.

Change the theme of that space every month. If it is time for Diwali, use the space to display your antique collection of lamps or beautifully painted mud diyas with their mirrors glittering under the lights. If Christmas is round the corner, place a small Christmas tree in the space and place a crib below it. You can use this area to alternatively display your crystals, vases, sculptures, and other collections that you have acquired over time


The amount of light that is entering your home, if bright enough, gives it a good ambience. Too bright and too dark interiors will not enhance decor objects in the room. To control the sources of light during the day, hang up curtains or blinds. They also add a touch of cosiness to the room. Use the curtains in different draping styles. In summer, make use of light fabrics and summery colours to liven up the mood. During the evenings, strategically placed lampshades and overhead illuminators accentuate the interiors. To ensure this, plan where you will place these lights - over pieces of art, in the racks that show off your fine crockery, or as accent lights.


Choose the colour scheme for your living room after taking into account the design pattern of the interiors. After the colour tone has been decided, place your wall hangings or artwork on the walls. It is better to select a neutral tone for the walls if you plan to change the colour of your room every few months. Carpets and other upholstery can then be made to complement this.


There's nothing like the fabulous feel of rich silk or the sheer magic of chiffon to enrich the room. When used as cushion covers, floor rugs, and table linen, they pep up the room.

Personal touch

The living space is incomplete without an identity of its own. Pictures of family vacations, the accolades won by its members, and hand-picked memorabilia collected over the years give it a personal touch.

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