Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monster ad: No matter what

I wonder if the word 'magic' has recently gained a whole lot of importance in the online sphere. In, guys have used the word for umpteenth times to spruce up various product attributes, I don't know how apt that was actually, but they used it anyway!! And they can afford to do so, because the end users are certainly not as demanding as Monster's ones. LOL.

Now, Monster, it seems is taking a cue from it (After all MagicBricks and arch rival TimesJobs reside under same roof...hehe) and using the proposition for something called, Magic Search. I don't know exactly how the attribute strengthens the product feature here. Are employers (advertisers) in a mood to discover the right fit 'magically' from the Monstrous database, or they would look for some (supposedly) comprehensive non-magical robust data bank which gives them a certain result. Confusing.

The Monster ad detail:

Headline: We do anything to get you the right candidate.
Subhead: -
Bodycopy: In today's competitive world, talent is everything. And the best of talent is on, India's best job site*. Using Monster's highly acclaimed Magic Search, you can search over 12 million job seekers and yet get just the right candidate. To give your business the Monster advantage, call 1800-419-6666^ today! * As declared by PC World in 2007 ^From any telecom operator
Baseline: No matter what
Agency: -
Client: Monster

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